Business and Facilities

We represent and advise educational and special districts clients on a broad spectrum of issues in business and facilities, both transactional and litigation. Our services include the following:

Competitive Bidding and Contract Award

We assist and advise clients regarding competitive bidding and selection requirements and procedures, notice and publication requirements, pre-qualification of bidders, bid protests and litigation, rejection of apparent low bidders and bid withdrawal.

Construction Contracts and Litigation

We review, draft, and advise clients on requests for proposals or quotes, professional services agreements, bidder pre-qualification packets, and construction, bid and contract documents, and guide clients in complying with laws applicable to a particular construction project. We represent clients in litigation involving prime contractors, subcontractors, sureties, architects and other design professionals,  the California Labor Commissioner, and insurance companies. Our representation includes construction litigation involving payment and performance issues, including delay and disruption claims, stop payment notice actions, breach of statutory provisions, and breach of contract. We also advise clients on course of construction issues relating to change order disputes, release of project funds from escrow accounts, prompt pay statutes, contractor termination issues, takeover agreements, and completion issues. 

Contracts and Purchasing Agreements, and Related Litigation

We advise and represent clients in all phases of transactions, and in litigation involving purchase and service contracts, leases, vendor purchase orders, and other business arrangements. Our services include reviewing and drafting contracts, negotiating contract terms and conditions, and advising clients regarding applicable laws. We also handle disputes arising out of business transactions, and defend and prosecute litigation if such disputes cannot be resolved informally.

Real Property and Facilities

Our Firm assists clients to acquire, sell, dedicate, lease, or enter into other arrangements for use of real property. We also represent clients in actions when disputes arise involving real estate transactions. In addition, we advise and assist clients in issues relating to the use, maintenance, operation, and conditions of their facilities, including compliance with the Field Act and Civic Center Act.

Intergovernmental Agreements

We negotiate and prepare agreements between our clients and other governmental entities. Such agreements cover joint use of facilities; sale, lease, exchange, or dedication of real property; exchange of services; cost-sharing of personnel; and risk management and insurance joint powers authorities.

Foundations and Auxiliary Organizations

We assist clients in various aspects of foundations and auxiliary organizations, including drafting and reviewing charters, bylaws, and other formation documents. We also advise and assist clients as to the formation and dissolution of such foundations and organizations, and handle disputes and conflicts with such foundations and organizations.


Presentations and Trainings:

Below is a list of our featured presentations and recordings. You can also view the full list of our upcoming presentations, or explore our library of webinar recordings.

Featured Presentations

LCW Webinar Recording: Top 10 Tips for a Trouble-Free Construction Project
June 25, 2013
This webinar will provide participants with the top ten tips to make sure their construction projects run smoothly. We will provide helpful hints from the inception of a project through completion, including advice on contract documents, project personnel and course of constructions issues relating to payment and performance.
LCW Webinar Recording: The Worst Contract Ever: Understanding Key Contract Provisions Helps to Avoid Problems
August 21, 2014
Think you have seen the worst contract ever? We're sure we can top it. Using real life exemplars of everything not to do, we will walk you through the provisions of a contract that will cause the most liability for your district or school. By looking at what others have done wrong, you will learn how to avoid those contract provisions that will trap you in a pit of liability and never-ending lawsuit.
Private School Construction
May 17, 2016  |  12:00 PM
This webinar is designed to provide school business officials and facility staff with practical tools and information for planning, overseeing, and completing a private school construction project. This includes information on best practices regarding selecting your construction team, contracting with architects and contractors, handling construction issues, and evaluating disputes which arise during construction. The webinar will also provide useful tips to prepare for and handle litigation, and negotiate and draft settlement agreements if and when they arise.




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