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Articles written by LCW attorneys and published in various legal and employment magazines and newsletters.
March 24, 2014 Fallout from Amazon security screening case may be far reaching
Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal
by James E. Oldendorph
March 21, 2014 California Supreme Court Will Review Whether Supervisor's "Daily Log" Constitutes Adverse Comment Under Public Safety Statute
by Morin I. Jacob
March 20, 2014 Proposed overtime regulations may upset employers
Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal
by Jeffrey C. Freedman, Brian P. Walter
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Monthly news and developments in labor relations, employment law and education law, including business and facilities, for public school and community college district administration.
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March 10, 2014 Employer Did Not Violate FMLA Rights of Employee Who Declined to Use FMLA Leave to Take Care of Sick Father
March 10, 2014 Parents Could Not Establish that School District Discriminated Against Child with Diabetes
March 10, 2014 Local Control Funding Formula Changes Funding for the K-12 Finance System
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