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Articles written by LCW attorneys and published in various legal and employment magazines and newsletters.
January 20, 2015 8 Key 1st Amendment Legal Issues In 2015
by David Urban
January 6, 2015 AB 1660: Discrimination and driver's license status
Daily Journal
by Gage Dungy, Michael Youril
December 23, 2014 Your Employee Did What?? – HR Lessons Learned From Real Cases
Small School Districts Association (SSDA) Newsletter
by Stefanie K. Vaudreuil
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Education Legislative Roundup

Education Matters

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Legislative Roundup

Private School Matters

Monthly news and developments in labor relations, employment law and education law, including business and facilities, for private school and college administration.
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December 23, 2014 Waiver of Liability Upheld Where Sports Class Participant Assumed Risk
December 23, 2014 Former Employee Could Not Survive Summary Judgment where No Evidence of Pretext on Part of Employer
December 23, 2014 Atheist Group Does Not Have Standing to Challenge Parsonage Exemption Where Leaders Never Attempted to Claim Exemption
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Private Schools Legislative Roundup

Special Bulletin

Late breaking news and Important announcements regarding recent legislation, court decisions, etc.
Most recent Special Bulletin >
January 5, 2015 Questions and Answers about California's New Paid Sick Leave Law (AB 1522)
by Gage Dungy, Stephanie J. Lowe
October 2, 2014 Governor Brown Vetoes Legislative Bill Which Would Have Allowed Factfinding for All Negotiable Subjects Rather than Only MOUs, And Impasse Mediation If Requested By One Party
by Connie C. Almond, Shardé C. Thomas
September 11, 2014 California's New Paid Sick Leave Law Provides Employees With Paid Sick Days Effective July 1, 2015
by Gage Dungy, Stephanie J. Lowe
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