786x496@100dpi - 2 Liebert Cassidy Whitmore believes that the best technology is technology that delivers uncompromising service and value to our clients. The right technology responds to the needs of our practice while maintaining the security and high-availability of key information. We continually invest in the latest developments in legal technology to improve internal efficiencies and reduce client costs.

Client Communications

Mobile devices provide immediate access to email, voicemail, and system data, creating high availability for our clients. Remote access to the firm's network is made available to all attorneys through encrypted servers, providing attorneys with a secure, direct connection to client and case information using any standard internet connection. All firm email is routed through an email management service which provides email spam filtering, virus, and phishing protection, as well as 24/7 availability and email-archiving ensuring emails, are always available and accessible.

The firm utilizes a VoIP telephone and voicemail system configured in a unified communications architecture which delivers voicemails to emails and allows attorneys a complete, on-demand log of all client calls. The Firm provides a service for the secure exchange of documents between attorneys and clients, which is fully encrypted, private and secure. This allows clients and attorneys immediate access to privileged documents, resulting in efficient and effective matter collaboration. All firm offices are equipped with HD video conferencing systems providing a convenient and cost-effective live meeting solution for clients.

Information Management

The firm uses a document management system to store, maintain and share all client documents. This ensures that all documents for a client-matter are available to all attorneys, in any of our offices, at any time. Advanced search capabilities and versioning provide attorneys with quick access to document content and efficient sharing of legal knowledge, greatly reducing costs of legal research and document production.

Our records management system stores and maintains both electronic and paper files related to all matters. The Firm utilizes a docket calendaring system which keeps track of key filing dates. Our court forms service ensures that the firm's legal secretaries have immediate access to the most up-to-date court forms. Legal templates and macros ensure consistent, standard legal document production.

eDiscovery and Trial Management

The firm uses case management software to process eDiscovery materials and review all forms of electronic and paper documents in litigation matters. Trial presentation software is used to assist attorneys at trial with a dedicated eDiscovery and Litigation Support Specialist to handle all technical details. Attorneys going to trial are equipped with trial kits consisting of laptops, LCD projectors, and other necessary "courtroom gear."

Robust Network and Optimized Desktop Environment

The firm's five office data systems are connected through a private, fiber MPLS network. Each office has a dedicated internet connection as well as a secondary backup internet connection. The result is a fast, reliable and secure data network infrastructure where all attorneys have access to all firm data, regardless of location. Firewalls protect our network against malware and network intrusions. The firm's servers are virtualized, stored and replicated on SAN storage devices. 

The firm deploys a standardized workstation image which is updated with weekly software and security patches, ensuring that all desktops and laptops are fully optimized. All network data (email, documents, discovery, records, etc.) is backed up daily through a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery service. Data is replicated off-site to multiple secured data center locations, providing regional resiliency. For additional security and backup, the IT Department uses replication technology to securely copy data between two of our data centers, providing for failover and data recovery.

For further information on the firm's technology, please contact Jay Dover, IT Manager.

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