How to Hire CalPERS Retirees the Right Way

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How to Hire CalPERS Retirees the Right Way

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CalPERS contracting agencies are using retirees more and more to provide needed services.  The restrictions on hiring retirees have become stricter and enforcement of those rules has increased.  The result is that public agencies and the retirees they hire are increasingly getting hit with penalties for violating the rules.  Hiring retirees the right way is not easy, but it is possible.  This webinar will discuss how to do it.  Topics to be covered include:

1. What retirees can be hired to do

2. Limits on hours, salary, benefits and duration of appointment

3. Penalties for violating the rules

4. "Extra Help" assignments and the limits on filling a vacant position

5. The difference between independent contractors and employees

Who Should Attend:
Human Resources personnel and Department Heads and other managers that have authority to hire employees.

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