Mandated Reporting

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Mandated Reporting

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As summer approaches, make sure that your school and day camp administrators and employees are considered Mandated Reporters.

Who are Mandated Reporters?

Employees whose duties require contact with and/or supervision of children possess a legal obligation to protect children from abuse and neglect.

The California Penal Code strongly encourages employers to provide mandated reporters with training. A lack of training does not excuse a mandated reporter from the duties imposed by law.

In this webinar, you will learn:

•             What is considered child abuse and neglect?

•             When do I need to make a mandated report?

•             What are my reporting obligations?

•             Could I be liable for filing a mandated report?

•             Should employers have mandated reporting policies?

•             What are the consequences for failing to file a report?

•             Who do I call and how do I make a report?

Julie L. Strom will address some of the most common and complex questions related to mandated reporting obligations. 

Who Should Attend?

Department of Parks and Recreation Administrators and Employees, Athletic Coaches, Child Care Center Staff, Support Staff, Day Camp Administrators and Employees, Youth Program Administrators and Employees

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