An Administrator’s Guide to California Private School Law

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Private Education
CATEGORY: Other Resources, Private Education

The laws governing the relationships between schools and their families, employees and the public are frequently changing and often confusing.  Private schools are under increased scrutiny from their communities in many areas of decision making.  Knowing the risks and rules can greatly minimize a school’s exposure to liability.

In this environment it is essential for schools to establish a practice of auditing their contracts, handbooks, and policies to ensure that they will provide the necessary legal and practical protections. Schools need to have fair and consistent practices in decision-making, especially in areas that present significant risks.  This Guide is meant to be a concise practical guide for schools in navigating the variety of legal and practical issues they face today.  It highlights areas of risk and provides statutes, case law, checklists, sample language, and a framework for addressing issues both inside and outside the school community.  Schools should adapt these suggestions and samples to fit their individual needs.  Policies, contracts, and handbooks should always be reviewed by legal counsel.

The Guide is only available in digital format through the Liebert Library.  Purchasing the Guide here will give you a Basic Library Subscription.  The Library is our online collection of our reference material. Basic Subscribers to the Library can view, but not download, our reference material.  Subscriptions may be renewed annually.  Additionally, Consortium members may upgrade to a Premium Liebert Library subscription where they can still view the material, but also download the sample forms, checklists and model policies.  To learn more about the Library, visit https://liebertlibrary.com/.


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