AB 1511 – Allows Criminal Justice Agencies to Furnish State Summary Criminal History Information to Animal Control Officers

Category: Briefing Room
Date: Dec 30, 2014 07:18 PM

AB 1511 allows an animal control officer, upon a showing of compelling need, to receive state summary criminal history information obtained through the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS).  The criminal justice agency supplying the information may charge a reasonable fee sufficient to cover the costs of providing the criminal history information. 

For the purposes of this bill, an "animal control officer" is as defined under Penal Code section 830.9, including someone who can exercise the power of arrest and serve warrants and has attended firearms training under Penal Code section 832.  An animal control officer who receives criminal history information may only use that information in the performance of his or her official duties.  It is a misdemeanor for an animal control officer to provide information obtained through CLETS to a person not authorized by law to receive such information. 

Cities, counties, and special districts that employ animal control officers need to update their policies to provide training to their qualifying animal control officers, as well as their employees who may release CLETS information to animal control officers. 

(AB 1511 amends Section 13300 of, and to add Section 11105.07 to, the Penal Code.)

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