AB 2031 – Makes the Submission of a Prequalification Questionnaire and Financial Statement for Bidding on a School Facilities Project Permanent.

Category: Business & Facilities
Date: Jan 10, 2019 02:58 PM

Existing law requires school districts with an average daily attendance over 2,500 to establish a process for prequalifying general contractors and certain subcontractors for public works projects over $1 million and that use state school facility bond funds. To meet these requirements, the district must:

  1. Require prospective bidders for a construction contract to complete and submit, under oath, a standardized prequalification questionnaire and financial statement; and
  2. Adopt and apply a uniform system of rating bidders based on the completed questionnaires and financial statements.

As originally enacted, this law had January 1, 2019 sunset date on the prequalification requirements. This bill eliminates the sunset date, making the prequalification requirements permanent, and removes a requirement that the Department of Industrial Relations report to the Legislature on the impact of the adoption of prequalification requirements.

(AB 2031 amends Section 20111.6 of the Public Contracts Code.)

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