AB 525 – Requires Reports Regarding Teacher Workforce

Category: Public Education
Date: Nov 19, 2019 03:07 PM

Existing law provides that for multiple subject teaching credentials, the baccalaureate degree may be in the subject of professional education.  This bill provides that for single subject teaching credentials, the baccalaureate degree shall not be in the subject of professional education.

This bill requires the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to periodically provide reports and recommendations to the Legislature regarding the state’s teacher workforce for purposes of developing and reviewing state policy, identifying workforce trends and identifying future needs. The Commission shall make these reports publicly available on the commission’s website.

A program of professional preparation shall provide experience in health education, field experience in delivering educational services to special needs students, and experience with advanced computer-based technology.

(AB 525 amends Section 44225, 44225.6, 442305, 44257, 44259, 44260.1, 44260.3, 44274.4, 44275.4, 44320.2, 44328, and 44468 of the Education Code.)

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