Morin I. Jacob, Richard Kreisler and Scott Tiedemann Quoted in a AMU's In Public Safety Article on Succession Planning.

Category: Press Release
Date: Mar 10, 2015 12:00 AM

Morin I. Jacob, Richard Kreisler, and Scott Tiedemann were quoted in a March 10 American Military University's In Public Safety article – "Strengthen Your Agency by Planning for Your Replacement," authored by Leischen Stelter.

"Your value as a chief is leaving your department better than you found it. Too many chiefs retire with little to no notice and leave their agency rudderless," said Richard Kreisler during an educational session at the 38th annual California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) training symposium.


"Succession plans aren't something you plan in a month," said Kreisler. "Yes, some of you could get screwed by doing this, but it will likely only be a minority of you. Do not wait to tell people when you plan to retire."


One benefit of informing your agency about your retirement plans is that it gives you an opportunity to mentor a successor. "In many departments, when it comes time for transition and a chief to step down, it often falls to human resources to hire a recruiter and conduct a search. There often isn't much participation by the retiring chief," said Morin Jacob, current chair of LCW's public safety practice group.


Bring selected people into closed-door or difficult meetings so they can see the situations you deal with and how you handle it. It's the only way they can learn what you do. "It's never too early to start positioning that person and start matriculating them into the role of future chief," said J. Scott Tiedemann, managing partner with LCW.

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