Police In Ventura County Cope With Requests for Personnel Records That Are Now Public

Category: Published Articles
Date: Feb 22, 2019 02:32 PM

Scott Tiedemann featured in VC Star Article.

For decades, California peace officer personnel records could only be obtained through the Pitchess motion procedure.  This regime changed dramatically in January 2019, when Senate Bill 1421 took effect, allowing public access under the California Public Records Act to peace officer personnel records.

Agencies are already receiving numerous broad requests for these records, some of which seek police records going back decades. However, many police unions are trying to understand whether Senate Bill 1421 applies to records from before the law took effect this year.

Local authorities have also expressed frustration over the time and resources needed to fulfill these requests, which include redactions and searching multiple media for records. Scott Tiedemann, an attorney who represents law enforcement managers across the state, said his clients have raised the same issues – namely, that the legislation doesn’t include a way to recover costs for the work staff members put in. “It’s a good idea poorly executed,” said Tiedemann.

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