12 Steps to Avoiding Liability in Community College Districts

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This workbook is intended to offer helpful guidance to executives and high-level administrators of community college districts on how to avoid liability.  The 12 Steps to Avoiding Liability are based on the many years of experience of the firm's attorneys in advising and defending public agencies.  Each of the Steps focuses on actions that a district can take to avoid situations which commonly lead to or increase liability for public agencies.  The Steps are meant to be general guides for quick reference by the executive without legalese or exhaustive detail.

In today's complicated society, administrators and supervisors are expected to walk through a field of legal "land mines" on a daily basis.  Federal and state constitutions, federal and state laws, the Education Code, board policies and procedures, labor agreements, work rules, local arbitration decisions and personnel commission decisions define the laws public agencies must follow  This workbook is intended to serve as a basic survival kit.  We hope the checklists included in the 12 Steps will assist you in analyzing a situation and point you in the right direction. 

The 12 Steps are meant to be a practical guide to situations which commonly create liability for a district.  You should consult with your human resources department, and/or labor and employment attorneys regarding specific employee relations situations.

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