Certificated and Classified Evaluation and Discipline for K-12 Districts

Traditionally, "discipline" has been defined as a formal adverse action by management toward an employee, including demotion, salary decrease, reprimand, suspension, and dismissal.  Discipline has been viewed as the chief means by which management maintains order and production in the workplace.

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Conflicts of Interest, Ethics and Open Government

The last few years have seen increased scrutiny by both the media and the public of all aspects of government. It is now more important than ever for public employees and officials to be aware of the high responsibilities and expectations that accompany public service.

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Disaster Service Workers – If You Call Them, Will They Come?

This workbook is designed to give Managers, Human Resources Staff and Risk Managers a labor and employment law perspective on disaster response.  The workbook will address many subjects related to disaster service such as administering the loyalty oath, increasing the likelihood that employees will respond in the event of a disaster and creating disaster response policies and procedures.  

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Disciplinary and Harassment Investigations

This workbook is directed to supervisors and mid and upper-level managers who are responsible for investigating reported allegations or evidence of employee misconduct, including harassment. The purpose of an investigation is to gather all of the facts needed to make a determination as to what occurred or did not occur. This workbook is designed to provide a step-by-step guide for conducting an administrative investigation.

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