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MPA, California State University, Long Beach

BA, California State University, Fullerton

City of Rancho Mirage – The Rancho Mirage Employees Association.

Oxnard Harbor District (Port of Hueneme) – SEIU, Local 721.

City of Port Hueneme – SEIU, Local 721.

City of Monterey Park – Police Officers Association, Police Mid-Management Association and SEIU, Local 721.

Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara – SEIU, Local 521.

City of Vallejo – Firefighters Association ( IAFF) and Confidential, Administrative, Managerial, and Professional Association (CAMP).

City of Fountain Valley – Police Officers Association, Police Management Unit, General Employees Association, Municipal Employees Associations, Firefighters Association, and Professional & Technical Employees.

City of Ridgecrest – UFCW (General Employees).

City of Covina – MOU Audits for AFSCME, Police Association, Police Management Association, and Police Supervisors of Covina.

City of Monterey Park – MOU Audits for Fire Fighters Association, Fire Management Association, and Police Captains Unit.

City of Cotati – Personnel Rules Audit.

LACERA – Equal Pay Act Audit.

Housing Authority of Santa Clara County – Employee Handbook and Personnel Rules Audit.

County of Santa Barbara – Civil Service Rules Revisions.

City of Manhattan Beach – Personnel Rules & Regulations Audit.

City of Beverly Hills – Classification and compensation review.

City of Ontario – Human resources consulting including classification and compensation reviews.

Kedren Community Health Center – Executive recruitment and selection services and human resources consulting.

City of South Gate – Police department performance evaluation form revisions.

Can You Cost it? Calculating the Cost of Labor Contracts
California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) Magazine

When it comes to labor negotiations, costing labor contracts is critical. Long gone are the days of generalized estimates related to labor costs. In today’s contract negotiations, labor groups are analyzing public agency resources and expenses to determine the ability of an agency to increase...

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The Rules of Engagement: Issues, Impacts & Impasse
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