Addressing Workplace Violence

CATEGORY: Promoting Respectful Workplaces, Public Agency

This workbook examines appropriate steps that you can take to minimize the potential for violent episodes at work – and how to respond to violence when it does occur.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction
    • The Problem
    • The Perpetrators and the Victims
    • Laws Addressing Workplace Violence
    • Management Rights and Legal Obligations Summarized
  • Cal/OSHA Guidelines for Workplace Security
    • Employer’s Duty to Provide a Safe Workplace
    • “Guidelines for Workplace Security”
    • Recording and Reporting Workplace Violence
    • Investigating Assaults Involving Death or Serious Injury
    • Consultation Assistance for Employers
    • Civil and Criminal Penalties
  • Preventative Measures
    • Knowing the Warning Signs
    • Dealing with Threats
    • Applicant Screening
    • Post-Employment Medical Inquiries
    • Fitness for Duty Exams
  • Responding to Workplace Violence
    • Immediate Response Procedures
    • Follow-Up Response Procedures
    • Investigation and Workplace Searches
    • Physical Security Measures
    • Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctions: How to Respond to Violence that Comes to Work
    • Responding to Domestic Violence Issues
    • Discipline and Discharge of Employees Who Engage in Unsafe/Violent Conduct in the Workplace
  • Liability Exposure Due to Workplace Violence
    • Negligent Hiring, Training and Retention
    • Respondent Superior Liability
    • Employer’s Duty to Warn
    • Disability Discrimination Laws
    • Invasion of Privacy
    • Maintenance of a “Dangerous Condition”
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Third Party Liability


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