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Liebert Cassidy Whitmore provides unparalleled education, training, litigation and advisory services to California’s public agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits.

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We have had the honor of serving California’s mission-driven organizations across the state since 1980. We specialize in serving those who serve others, including Public Entities, Public Educational Institutions, Private Schools, and Nonprofit Organizations.
of California Municipalities
of California Community College Districts
California Private Schools
Nonprofit Organizations
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Harassment Prevention || Mandated Reporter || Ethics
Labor Relations Certification Program
LCW’s Labor Relations Certification Program provides the opportunity to demonstrate that you have mastered the knowledge, skills and abilities to operate at a high level of expertise in the field of Public Sector Labor Relations.
Public Sector Employment Relations Certification Program
The Public Sector Employment Relations Certification Program is geared to provide you with the knowledge you need to grow and thrive in your career; the opportunity to collaborate and network with others in similar positions and position you and your agency for reduced liability and greater success.
Customized Training
Our customized training programs can help improve workplace performance and reduce exposure to liability and costly litigation. Schedule a customized training for your organization today!
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