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Six attorneys, who had extensive experience in, and a passion for, representing public sector management in the areas of employment law and labor relations, got together and started our firm in 1980.  Over the years we grew that practice to become California's preeminent public management employment law firm with over 80 attorneys in five offices.  Some years ago we added an education law specialty to our practice to meet the needs of our school and college clients.  We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have our interest matched by having built our practice in one of the most dynamically evolving areas of the law; one that challenges our attorneys to constantly stay on top of the ever-expanding legislative, administrative and court decisional law.  Our passion for servicing the needs of our clients in our specialized area of practice remains as true today as it did in 1980.

Trusted Advisors          

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore's attorneys do not see their role solely as lawyers.  Rather they work with clients to avoid their having to face legal problems in the first instance.  When legal issues do arise, the attorneys explore practical alternatives to best serve the client's goals.  Their special expertise in the aspect of law involved provides the client with the broadest choice of alternatives available within the dictates of law.  Because of their expert knowledge of the law in our field of specialty, they will normally provide the client with effective answers quickly.  The success of this approach to counseling is reflected by the fact that 74% of California's cities, 90% of California counties, 90% of California's community college districts as well as numerous special districts, schools and private companies turn to LCW for advice and counsel.   

Creative and Aggressive Advocates

We are proud of our record of success as a litigation firm.  Liebert Cassidy Whitmore attorneys have a breadth of experience defending clients in court and jury trials and mandate proceedings touching on every aspect of employment, labor and education law.  In addition to pre-trial, trial and appellate practice, the firms' attorneys have a record of having advantageously represented clients in many alternative dispute resolution and settlement proceedings.  We have also had a long record of success winning cases at initial pleading stages and through summary judgments.  The nature of our practice requires us to litigate before a wide variety of administrative boards and commissions on a continuing basis.  Finally, we have an extensive background in representing public sector management in labor relations with every kind of bargaining unit – safety, professional, blue collar and white collar.  We are experts in both traditional and collaborative bargaining, and in representing management in mediations, arbitrations, and proceedings before the Public Employment Relations Board.

Dedicated Professionals

While we pride ourselves on our success as effective and aggressive advocates on behalf of our clients, our approach to the practice is to seek to maintain professional relationships with labor organizations as well as opposing counsel wherever possible.  We believe that this facilitates a problem-solving orientation, enhances labor-management relationships, and thereby becomes more cost-effective for our agency clients.

Leaders in Preventive Education    

One of the firm's greatest sources of accomplishment comes from its record of success in counseling and advising its clients on the best ways to avoid becoming a party to adversary proceedings.  We accomplish this through our training workshops, monthly newsletters, audits and legal advice as matters arise.  We were "pioneers" in the training field by creating "consortiums" of agencies.  Our Employment Relations Consortiums (ERCs) are comprised of nearly 800 cities, counties, special districts, schools, community college districts, and state universities as well as other public sector agencies in all parts of the state.  Annually we provide training to thousands from line employees and first line supervisors to City Managers, County Executives, General Managers, City Attorneys, County Counsels, Presidents, and Heads of School.

We invite you to explore our website, where you will learn more about who we are, what we do and how we do it.  We welcome your comments and suggestions and thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

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