Mandated Reporting

CATEGORY: On-Demand Training
PRESENTER: Julie L. Strom

Employees whose duties require contact with and/or supervision of children are considered “mandated reporters.” This workshop provides mandated reporters with the training that is required for public school employees, and suggested and encouraged by the California Penal Code for other mandated reporters. The training is designed to help all mandated reporters understand their obligations to report suspected abuse or neglect of minors. It is essential that mandated reporters understand their legal duties, not only to help ensure the safety and welfare of children, but because the duty to report is imposed on individual employees, not their agencies. Moreover, a lack of training does not relieve mandated reporters of this important duty.

This workshop, designed for any employee who is a mandated reporter, or who supervises mandated reporters, explains this complex area of the law, including: what constitutes child abuse and neglect; the specific reporting obligations of mandated reporters; how to file a report; protections for reporters; the consequences for failing to file a report; and appropriate employer reporting policies.

This interactive training is one hour in length and costs $21. Upon completion you will receive an acknowledgement of completion for your records. (You may also forward this to your organization’s administrator.)

Upon purchase, you will have 24 hours in which to watch the video. The video must be watched in one sitting.

Supported browsers to view the video: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Please note, Internet Explorer is not supported at this time.

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