LCW Title IX Compliance Training Program

LCW offers training, forms, policies and procedures to ensure your institution is compliant with the Title IX regulations.  Our experience assisting educational institutions with Title IX matters includes the following:

  • Policies and Procedures: We assist our clients in creating and updating their anti-harassment, discrimination and disciplinary, policies, including the publication and distribution. We also assist our clients in implementation operating procedures.
  • Compliance: We have assisted our clients in auditing their policies and procedures to ensure compliance with changes in the law. We also provide legal counsel to Title IX Coordinators and decision makers with regard to legal issues during the grievance process.
  • Grievance Procedures: We help clients create written grievance procedures, including forms, policies and protocols.
  • Investigations:We assist clients in investigations of alleged Title IX violations.
  • OCR: We assist clients in addressing complaints and inquiries from the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights.
  • Litigation: We are statewide experts in the defense of actions brought by students and employees alleging sexual harassment and discrimination, and have a robust writ practice.
  • Training: As a leading provider of client education, we regularly provide Title IX training, for individual institutions through our customized training program as well as through group webinars and seminars.

Title IX Training Series for California Community Colleges

This three-part training will provide:

  • A detailed discussion of the requirements of the Title IX complaint process from the initial report through investigations and hearing to the final appeal;
  • An analysis of significant changes in the Title IX regulations, such as the definitions of sexual harassment and formal complaints;
  • A discussion on how the new Title IX regulations affect a district’s responsibilities under California law;
  • Best practices to ensure compliance and efficacy; and
  • Interactive opportunities for participants to test their understanding.

If you are interested in scheduling LCW’s Title IX Training Series, please contact Anna Sanzone-Ortiz at asanzone-ortiz@lcwlegal.com or at 310.981.2051.

Title IX Compliance Forms for Community College Districts

LCW has prepared federally compliant template Title IX forms to assist Title IX teams at community colleges with the implementation of the regulations. These forms pair with the Community College League of California’s Federally-Compliant Board Policy and Procedure Program that the League provides in partnership with LCW.

The 35+ template Title IX forms include the following:

  • Sample complaint form and decision tree
  • Notices of allegations/investigations
  • Template investigation forms from notices through completion
  • Hearing checklists, notices and guidance
  • Templates for written determination/decision
  • Appeal forms and templates
  • Confidentiality agreement

Consortium member price: $2,500

Non-Consortium member price: $3,000

To purchase these forms, please visit our Other Resources section on our Knowledge page.