AB 1276 – Excludes Private Schools From New Rules Prohibiting Food Facilities From Providing Single-Use Utensils Or Condiments, Unless Specifically Requested By The Consumer

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DATE: Oct 29, 2021

Assembly Bill 1276 (AB 1276) prohibits a food facility from automatically providing customers (whether they are eating on-site or ordering delivery) with single-use plastic straws, single-use food-ware accessories (e.g., chopsticks, utensils, coffee stirrers) or standard condiments packaged for single use (e.g., hot sauce and ketchup packets), unless specifically requested by the consumer.  Additionally, single use food-ware accessories and standard condiments may no longer be packaged in a bundled manner that prevents a consumer from only taking one type of single-use food-ware accessory or one type of desired condiment.  The purpose of this bill is to reduce the use of and waste generated by single-use food service products.

These new requirements do not apply to correctional institutions, health care facilities, residential care facilities, and private school cafeterias.

(AB 1276 amends Sections 42270, 42271, 42272, and 42273 of the Public Resources Code.)

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