AB 1303 – Extends To 2025 School Districts’ Ability To Charge For Certain Direct Costs Under The Civic Center Act

CATEGORY: Business and Facilities Briefings
CLIENT TYPE: Nonprofit, Private Education, Public Education, Public Employers
AUTHOR: Casey Williams
DATE: Feb 20, 2020

The Civic Center Act requires school districts to allow youth and community organizations to use school facilities and grounds. For that use, a school district may charge an amount not to exceed its direct costs. In 2012, a bill was passed that expanded the definition of direct costs to include a proportional share of maintenance, repair, restoration, and refurbishment costs associated with the use of the school grounds or facilities. This expansion was intended to help schools maintain fields and other facilities, keeping them open and accessible to the community.  This bill extends the sunset on districts’ ability to charge these proportionate maintenance costs as direct costs until 2025.

(AB 1303 amends Section 38134 of the Education Code.)