AB 1383 – Clarifies The Amount Of Time Permitted To Conduct An Investigation Into Allegations Of Misconduct When An Academic Employee Is Placed On Involuntary Paid Administrative Leave

CATEGORY: Public Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Nov 04, 2021

Under existing law, an academic employee is entitled to written notice before being placed on an involuntary paid administrative leave related to allegations of misconduct unless an exemption applies. The notice must be provided at least two business days before the employee is placed on leave. The written notice must identify the general nature of the accusations related to the proposed involuntary paid leave. Existing law provides that the community college should complete its investigation within 90 days of placing the employee on involuntary paid administrative leave.

AB 1383 clarifies that the 90-day period is a 90-working-day period. The bill defines “working days” to mean Monday through Friday and excludes weekends and state holidays.

The bill adds a provision allowing for the extension of the paid administrative leave by mutual agreement not to exceed 30 calendar days.

(AB 1383 amends Section 87623 of the Education Code.)