AB 1467 – Requires Community College Districts Amend Existing Written Procedures Or Protocols Providing Treatment And Information To Victims Of Sexual Assault To Also Include Victims Of Domestic Violence And Now Applies To Any Location

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CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Oct 28, 2022

Existing law requires community college districts to adopt written procedures or protocols to ensure that students, faculty, and staff who are victims of sexual assault committed at or upon the grounds of the institution receive treatment and information.

The bill expands existing law to require the written procedures or protocols also apply to victims of domestic violence and shall apply to any location, expanding the application beyond the institution’s grounds. The bill requires that victims of sexual assault or domestic violence receive information about the availability of all of the following options:

(A) Counselors and support services for victims.

(B) Criminal prosecutions.

(C) Civil prosecutions.

(D) The disciplinary process through the college.

(E) Alternative dispute resolution or other accountability processes.

(F) Alternative housing assignments.

(G) Academic assistance alternatives.

The bill also establishes new requirements. AB 1467 requires that sexual assault and domestic violence counselors be independent of the Title IX office, and shall, at a minimum, meet the qualifications identified in Evidence Code section 1035.2 and 1037.1 defining “sexual assault counselor” and “domestic violence counselor.” Services provided by counselors cannot be contingent upon a victim’s decision to report to the Title IX office or law enforcement.

(AB 1467 amends Section 67385, and adds Section 89033 to the Education Code.)

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