AB 576 – Extends The Waiver Of Open-Course Provisions For Military Personnel

CATEGORY: Public Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Nov 04, 2021

Existing law waives open-course provisions in statute or regulations of the board of governors for any governing board of a community college district for classes the district provides to inmates of certain facilities, and authorizes the board of governors to include the units of full-time equivalent students generated in those classes for purposes of state apportionments.

This bill extends the waiver to courses the district provides to military personnel, their dependents, and authorized civilian employees on a military base. However, the bill does not allow the community college district to claim state apportionment for any class the district receives full compensation for the direct education costs of the course regardless of whether it is paid by a public or private agency, individual, or group of individuals or pursuant to a contract or instructional agreement.

(AB 576 adds Section 84811 to the Education Code.)

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