AB 945 – Establishes A Task Force To Develop Recommendations For Traditional Tribal Regalia And Recognized Objects Of Religious Or Cultural Significance Worn By Students At School Graduation Ceremonies

CATEGORY: Public Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Nov 04, 2021

Existing law, Education Code Section 35183.1, authorizes pupils to wear traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment at school graduation ceremonies.  An “adornment” means something attached to, or worn with, but not replacing, the cap and gown customarily worn at school graduation ceremonies.  However, school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools have the discretion and authority to prohibit an item that is likely to cause a substantial disruption of, or material interference with, the ceremony.

AB 945 establishes a ten-member Task Force to Study and Develop Best Practices to Protect Pupil Rights to Wear Traditional Tribal Regalia or Recognized Objects of Religious or Cultural Significance as an Adornment at School Graduation Ceremonies (Task Force) convened by the State Department of Education.  The Task Force will gather information and develop recommendations for best practices, protocols, proposed legislation, and other policies to address how to comprehensively implement Section 35183.1 and the wearing of traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment by pupils at school graduation ceremonies.  AB 945 requires the Task Force to submit, on or before April 1, 2023, a report to the Legislature that includes its findings and policy recommendations to promote full implementation of Section 35183.1.  The provisions added by AB 945 are repealed as of January 1, 2024.

(AB 945 adds and repeals Section 35183.2 of the Education Code.)

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