Assembly Bill 275 – Revises Existing Rules Regarding Compensation For Board Members And Pupil Board Members Of A School District, Charter School, Or County Office Of Education

CATEGORY: Public Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Dec 06, 2023

Existing law provides that members of a governing board of a school district, county board of education, or charter school (LEA) may receive compensation for all meetings attended.  Currently, the law allows pupil board members to receive elective course credit but does not allow for compensation.

This bill amends existing law to allow the governing board to compensate a pupil board member for their attendance at board meetings.

AB 275 amends existing law to allow the governing board of the LEA to provide pupil board members with elective credit or monthly financial compensation, or both for attending board meetings to the same extent that regular board members of an LEA are compensated.  The bill further authorizes the governing board of an LEA to authorize an absent pupil member or an absent regular member to be paid for any meeting if the governing board of the LEA authorizes payment by approved resolution.

(AB 275 amends Sections 1000, 1090, 35012, 35120, and 47604.2 of the Education Code.)

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