Assembly Bill 368 – Amends The Definition Of “Underrepresented In Higher Education” In College And Career Access Pathway Agreements To Provide Priority To Certain Pupils In Dual Enrollment Opportunities

CATEGORY: Public Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Dec 06, 2023

Existing law authorizes the governing board of a community college district to enter into a College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) partnerships with the governing board of a school district or a county office of education for the purpose of offering or expanding dual enrollment opportunities for underrepresented in higher education.

AB 368 amends existing law to define “underrepresented in higher education” to include first-time college students, low-income students, students who are current or former foster youth, homeless students, students with disabilities, and students with dependent children.  The bill requires that the community college district participating in a CCAP partnership assign priority for enrollment and course registration to a pupil seeking to enroll in a community college course that is required for the pupil’s CCAP partnership program.  The bill exempts pupils from fee requirements.

(AB 368 amends Section 76004 of the Education Code.)

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