Assembly Bill 587 – Establishes New Requirements For Payroll Records Provided For Public Works Contracts To A Multiemployer Taft-Hartley Trust Fund Or Joint Labor-Management Committee

DATE: Dec 06, 2023

The Labor Code requires each contractor and subcontractor on a public works project to keep accurate payroll records, showing the name, address, social security number, work classification, straight time and overtime hours worked each day and week, and the actual per diem wages paid to each journeyman, apprentice, worker, or other employee employed by the contractor or subcontractor in connection with the public work.  Upon request of the public agency, the contractors and subcontractors must make these payroll records available as copies or for inspection.  The contractors and subcontractors must redact the records accordingly.  Records made available to a Taft-Hartley trust fund for the purposes of allocating contributions to participants must only redact to prevent disclosure of an individual’s full social security number.  Disclosures to public agencies for other purposes require redaction to prevent disclosure of an individual’s name, address, and social security number.  Any contractor, subcontractor, agent, or representative who fails to comply is guilty of a misdemeanor.

SB 587 amends the requirement for providing payroll records to a multiemployer Taft-Hartley trust fund or joint labor-management committee.  Going forward, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement will provide a form to provide the payroll records.  When the contractors provide any copy of payroll records requested by, and made available for inspection by or furnish the payroll records to, a Taft-Hartley trust fund or joint labor-management committee, the payroll records must be on the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement form or in a format containing the same information as the form provided by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

SB 587 specifies that copies of electronic certified payroll records do not satisfy payroll records requests made by Taft-Hartley trust funds and joint labor-management committees.

(AB 587 amends Section 1776 of the Labor Code.)

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