Assembly Bill 934 – Requires The Commission On Teacher Credentialing To Contract With A Public Relations Organization, Or Similar, To Develop A Public Awareness Campaign Highlighting The Value And Benefits Of Educational Careers In California Public Schools

CATEGORY: Public Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Dec 06, 2023

AB 934 requires the Commission of Teacher Credentialing to contract with a public relations organization or other organization with similar expertise to develop a public awareness campaign that highlights the value and benefits of education careers in California’s public schools spanning from prekindergarten to kindergarten to elementary and secondary schools.

The bill requires the campaign recognize the value of the contributions made by public school teachers and encourage individuals to enter the teaching profession.  The campaign shall include information about available high-quality teacher credentialing pathways and available financial support.

Finally, AB 934 provides that the campaign may include the development and distribution of statewide public service announcements relating to teacher recruitment and outreach to high school pupils and college students.

(AB 934 adds Section 44224 to the Education Code.)

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