Employment-Related, Public Safety Bills at A Glance: Internal Investigations

CATEGORY: Law Enforcement Briefing Room
CLIENT TYPE: Public Safety
DATE: Aug 07, 2020

AB 1599   (Cunningham R)   Requires: completion of certain IA’s regardless of officer’s voluntary separation; certain IA’s to result in findings; and disclosure of findings to the employing agency

This bill would require a law enforcement agency or oversight agency to complete its investigation into an allegation of the use of force resulting in death or great bodily injury, sexual assault, discharge of a firearm, or dishonesty relating to the reporting, investigation, or prosecution of a crime or misconduct by another peace officer or custodial officer, despite the peace officer’s or custodial officer’s voluntary separation from the employing agency.

The bill would also require the investigation to result in a finding that the allegation is either sustained, not sustained, unfounded, or exonerated, as defined. The bill would also require an agency other than an officer’s employing agency that conducts an investigation of these allegations to disclose its findings to the employing agency no later than the conclusion of the investigation.