LCW Partner Melanie L. Chaney Named 2024 Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys

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DATE: Jan 22, 2024

LOS ANGELES- Liebert Cassidy Whitmore is pleased to announce that Los Angeles office Managing Partner Melanie L. Chaney has been highlighted by the Los Angeles Business Journal as 2024 Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys for her outstanding achievements and exceptional contributions to the legal field. This prestigious recognition reflects Melanie’s dedication to legal excellence and her significant impact on promoting diversity and inclusion within the legal profession.

The Los Angeles Business Journal Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys are selected based on a demonstration of impact made on the profession of law and on the Los Angeles community.

Background on Melanie L. Chaney

Melanie L. Chaney, the Managing Partner of LCW’s Los Angeles office, stands as an exemplary leader in the legal field, distinguished by her expertise as a negotiator and litigator, and her unwavering commitment to collaboration and inclusivity. Her numerous accomplishments and unique leadership style make her exceptionally worthy of recognition as Los Angeles Business Journal’s Leader of Influence.

Melanie’s extensive experience in negotiation and litigation has been marked by significant achievements. She excels in providing practical advice on labor and employment issues, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of complex legal matters. Her success in guiding clients through bargaining processes, including impasse, mediation, and factfinding, showcases her strategic acumen and ability to secure favorable outcomes in interest-based bargaining and strike preparations. Handling collective bargaining agreements, interpreting memoranda of understanding, resolving labor disputes, and addressing unfair labor practice charges are all within her scope of expertise. Her prowess as a skilled litigator is evident in securing favorable verdicts in harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wage cases. Melanie also handles arbitrations, disciplinary actions, and administrative proceedings, showcasing a comprehensive legal skill set. Her contributions extend beyond litigation, as she offers expertise in workplace investigations and personnel procedures, displaying a holistic approach to labor and employment law.

Melanie’s involvement in various firm executive committees, her contributions to the LCW legal blog, and her role as a trainer on labor and employment topics underscore her commitment to the advancement of legal discourse and professional development. Her recognition as a Southern California Super Lawyer from 2008-2010 and membership in the California Council of School Attorneys further attests to her standing as a legal luminary.

Beyond her legal prowess, what truly sets Melanie apart is her dedicated commitment to collaboration and inclusivity. Her journey to leadership has been shaped by a practical and inclusive approach that emphasizes listening to diverse perspectives and valuing the input of all team members. Melanie’s ability to foster strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders underscores her recognition of the importance of teamwork in achieving successful outcomes. Her exceptional listening skills are a cornerstone of her leadership style, going beyond mere hearing to actively understand, validate, and appreciate the viewpoints of others. This empathetic approach fosters an inclusive environment where individuals feel heard, valued, and motivated to contribute their best.

Melanie’s strength in providing constructive feedback with tact and consideration as LCW’s Los Angeles Managing Partner contributes to a positive and growth-oriented work culture. Understanding that feedback is a tool for fostering growth and improvement, Melanie’s thoughtful, supportive, and empowering view enables individuals to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

In facilitating consensus and teamwork, Melanie shines as a collaborative leader. Her ability to bring people together, bridge gaps, and find common ground is truly remarkable. Navigating complex situations and guiding diverse groups toward shared goals, Melanie’s inclusive approach ensures that all stakeholders feel involved, engaged, and invested in the collaborative process. This fosters a strong team spirit and unity among stakeholders, making a lasting impact on her firm, clients, and colleagues.

Melanie’s outstanding career accomplishments, marked by her legal expertise and commitment to collaboration and inclusivity, make her a standout candidate for The Los Angeles Business Journal 2024 Leaders of Influence, Minority Attorneys. Her exceptional leadership as the Managing Partner of LCW’s Los Angeles office has not only contributed to the success of her clients and firm but has also created a positive and inclusive legal environment, setting her apart as a leader of influence in the legal landscape.


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