New Legislation

CATEGORY: Law Enforcement Briefing Room
CLIENT TYPE: Public Safety
DATE: Dec 08, 2022

Three new pieces of legislation were passed recently related to public safety:

  • AB 655: Requires peace officer background checks to include an inquiry into membership into hate groups, participation in a hate group activity, or advocacy of public expressions of hate. Findings of the above that occurred within the past seven years and since the age of 18 will disqualify an individual from peace officer employment.  Agencies are also required to investigate any internal or public complaint alleging any of the above.  If the investigation sustains the allegations, the employing agency must remove the peace officer.
  • AB 2229: Reinstates the requirement for pre-employment screening of peace officers by a psychologist to include an evaluation of bias against race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. Previous existing laws required peace officers to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer. AB 2229 took effect immediately as an urgent statute on September 30, 2022.
  • SB 960: Removed the requirement that peace officers be either U.S citizens or permanent residents who are eligible for, and who have applied for citizenship. Instead, peace officers need only be legally authorized to work in the U.S.

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