SB 2 – Modifies California Law Governing Firearms

CATEGORY: Private Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Private Education
DATE: Nov 06, 2023

Through Senate Bill 2 (SB 2), the Legislature makes a number of declarations related to firearms and public safety, including that widespread carrying of firearms impedes the exercise of other fundamental rights, and “[w]hen firearms are present in public spaces, it makes those places less safe, which discourages people from attending protests, going to school, peacefully worshiping, voting in person, and enjoying other activities.”

As relevant to private schools, SB 2 adds Section 26230 to the Penal Code, which prohibits persons who are granted a license to carry a concealed firearm on their person consistent with California law from carrying such firearm on or into a number of locations, including any of the following:

  • A “school zone,” meaning an area in, or on the grounds of, a public or private school providing instruction in kindergarten or grades 1 to 12, inclusive, or within a distance of 1,000 feet from the grounds of the public or private school.
  • A building, real property, or parking area under the control of a preschool or childcare facility, including a room or portion of a building under the control of a preschool or childcare facility.
  • Any area under the control of a public or private community college, college, or university, including, but not limited to, buildings, classrooms, laboratories, medical clinics, hospitals, artistic venues, athletic fields or venues, entertainment venues, officially recognized university-related organization properties, whether owned or leased, and any real property, including parking areas, sidewalks, and common areas.
  • A church, synagogue, mosque, or other place of worship, including in any parking area immediately adjacent thereto, unless the operator of the place of worship clearly and conspicuously posts a sign at the entrance of the building or on the premises indicating that license-holders are permitted to carry firearms on the property. Any such signs must be of a uniform design as prescribed by the Department of Justice and shall be at least four inches by six inches in size.

Under California’s Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995, however, shooting sports or activities, including, but not limited to, trap shooting, skeet shooting, sporting clays, and pistol shooting, that are sanctioned by a school, college, university, or other governing body of the institution, that occur on the grounds of a private school or university or college campus continue to be permitted.  Also, duly authorized security guards who carry loaded firearms consistent with all applicable California legal requirements also continue to be permitted.

(SB 2 adds Section 26230 to the Penal Code.)

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