SB 348 – Superintendent Of Public Instruction To Adopt Standards For Participating Schools In School Breakfast And National School Lunch Programs

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DATE: Nov 06, 2023

The California Department of Education administers the School Breakfast Program and the National School Lunch Program, which are federally funded programs that assist schools, including private nonprofit schools, to provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches to students at reasonable prices.

Effective January 1, 2024, Senate Bill 348 (SB 348) requires that any private nonprofit school receiving reimbursement through the School Breakfast Program and/or the National School Lunch Program meet the following applicable standards adopted by the Superintendent of Public Instruction:

  1. The definition of a “nutritionally adequate breakfast.”
  2. The definition of a “nutritionally adequate lunch.”
  3. Standards for determining the eligibility of children to receive free or reduced-price meals.
  4. Standards for the protection of the identity of children for whom reimbursement is made pursuant to this article.

(As relevant to private K-12 schools, SB 348 amends Section 49492 of the Education Code.)

Note: Schools that accept state funds may be required to comply with certain state and/or federal laws with which they otherwise would not be required to comply.

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