SB 367 – Community College Districts And Campus Health Centers Are Required to Apply to Distribute Opioid Overdose Reversal Medication, And To Participate In The Naloxone Distribution Project

CATEGORY: Public Education Matters
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
DATE: Oct 28, 2022

SB 367 requires all Community College District (CCD) governing boards to inform students about opioids and requires the campus health centers to take action to distribute opioid overdose reversal medications.

SB 367 requires all CCD governing boards to provide their students with educational and preventive information provided by the State Department of Public Health about opioid overdose and the use and location of opioid overdose reversal medication.  This information must be provided as part of establishing campus orientations.

The CCD governing boards must require their campus health centers to apply to use the statewide standing order issued by the State Public Health Officer to distribute dosages of a federally approved opioid overdose reversal medication, and to participate in the Naloxone Distribution Project administered by the State Department of Health Care Services. Upon approval, the campus health centers must distribute federally approved opioid overdose reversal medications obtained through the Naloxone Distribution Project.

The University of California is requested to do the same and meet the same requirements if it participates.

(SB 367 adds Section 67384 to the Education Code.)

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