SB 722 – Requires The Department Of Social Services To Create A Template Plan Of Operations And Incidental Medical Services Plan For Child Daycare Facilities

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DATE: Nov 06, 2023

Under existing law, the California Child Day Care Facilities Act, administered by the State Department of Social Services (Department), provides for the licensure and regulation of child daycare facilities.  Existing regulations impose various requirements on child daycare facilities, including, that they have a plan of operation that contains certain information, and under specified circumstances, an incidental medical services plan.

Senate Bill 722 (SB 722) requires the Department, on or before January 1, 2025, to do all of the following:

  1. Create a template form for plans of operations;
  2. Create a template form for incidental medical services plans;
  3. After completion of these templates, revise its regulations, notices, practices, and bulletins to eliminate any requirement that an incidental medical services plan or amended plan of operation be approved before a child with exceptional needs, as defined, is allowed to attend a child daycare or child development program; and
  4. Permit a licensed child daycare facility that submits to the Department a completed incidental medical services plan using the Department’s template to enroll a child prior to the Department’s approval of the incidental medical services plan.

(SB 722 adds Section 1596.802 to the Health and Safety Code.)

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