SB 731 – Excludes Certain Convictions For Possession Of Specified Controlled Substances From The Criminal Background Information That May Be Shared With Schools

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DATE: Oct 18, 2022

Current law requires the Department of Justice (DOJ) to maintain state summary criminal history information, as defined, and to furnish this information to various entities, such as private schools that are required to conduct a fingerprint-based criminal history information check of certain employees.  Senate Bill 731 (SB 731) prohibits the DOJ from disseminating information to private schools and certain other entities of a conviction for possession of specified controlled substances if that conviction is more than 5 years old and relief has been granted.

(SB 731 amends Sections 44242.5 and 44346 of the Education Code, and amends Sections 1203.41 and 11105 of, and amends, repeals, and adds Sections 851.93 and 1203.425 of, the Penal Code.)

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