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JD, UC College of the Law, San Francisco (formerly UC Hastings)

MA, University of British Columbia

BA, University of California, Berkeley

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Kelly is a second generation, amateur woodworker.


 City of Ceres – Police, Fire and General Units

City of Cotati – Police Officers Association and Police Management Units, General Unit

City of Half Moon Bay – Police and General Units, Police Services Transfer Agreement

City of Los Banos – Police, Fire, Dispatchers, and General Local One Units.

City of Millbrae – Police, Teamsters and General Units, Police Services Transfer Agreement

City of Redwood City – Police, Police Management, IAFF, Chief Officers, Mid-Managers and SEIU.

City of San Pablo – Operating Engineers, Mid-Manager, and Police Units.

City of San Rafael – SEIU, Local One, Western Council of Engineers

City of San RamonSEIU


 County of Contra Costa CountyCalifornia Nurses Association, Attorney Associations

County of San Mateo – AFSCME, SEIU, California Nurses Association, BCTC/Operating Engineers, Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Sheriff’s Sergeants, Probation and Detention Association, Engineers and Physician and Dentists Units.

County of Sonoma –  SEIU, Engineers and Scientists, and Attorney Units.

Special Districts:

 Broadmoor Police Protection District – Police Officers Association/Teamsters.

Marin Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District – General and Mid-Manager Western Council of Engineers Units.

Port of Stockton – Police and Warehouse Worker Units.

San Benito County Water District – SEIU.

Sonoma Library District – SEIU.

IAFF v. City (2022)Represented City in interest arbitration proceeding. The parties settled before a decision was issued.

Physicians Union v. County (2019) –  Represented county in complex factfinding hearing involving 40 issues in dispute. The parties settled before a decision was issued.

Carpenters Union v. City (2011) –  Arbitrator denied union grievance regarding City’s use of temporary employees.

AB 1484 Adopts Enhanced Representational Rights for Temporary Employees
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

Assembly Bill 1484, which enhances the representational rights of temporary employees of California local government agencies, was recently signed into law by Governor Newsom. While the Meyers Milias Brown Act (MMBA) (Government Code section 3500 et seq.) currently gives temporary employees of...

Pending Legislation Hinders Ability of Public Agencies to Maintain Essential Services During a Strike
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

Editorial note: On October 8, 2023, Governor Newsom vetoed AB 504. His veto message stated, “Unfortunately, this bill is overly broad in scope and impact. The bill has the potential to seriously disrupt or even halt the delivery of critical public services, particularly in places where public...

My Other Computer is Your Computer: Preventing Employee Cybercrimes and Maximizing the Protections of California’s Anti-Hacking Statute
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

California’s Computer Data Access and Fraud Act (CDAFA) (also referred to as the “Anti-Hacking Statute”) prohibits access to computers, computer systems, and networks without permission in order to do harm or engage in unauthorized use. (See California Penal Code § 502). Violation of the...

Out-of-State Telecommuting During COVID and Beyond
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

As the COVID pandemic rages on, employees required to work remotely since March 2020 will continue to do so for at least a foreseeable portion of 2021. While a burden for some, the pandemic has opened endless relocation possibilities for others, allowing some remote workers to visit and stay with...

Employer Requirements Under Cal OSHA’s Wildfire Smoke Regulation
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

As California battles close to 600 wildfires burning more than one million acres across the state, many areas are experiencing unhealthy and even very unhealthy air quality. During these conditions, employers must comply with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (CalOSHA)...

Financial Assistance for Employee Housing: Legal Considerations for California Public Agencies
Bender's California Labor & Employment Bulletin

Partners Heather DeBlanc and T. Oliver Yee and Associate Kelly Tuffo authored the Bender’s California Labor & Employment Bulletin article, “Financial Assistance for Employee Housing: Legal Considerations for California Public Agencies,” discussing the legal considerations for...

Employee Housing Assistance – Legal Considerations for California Public Agencies
California Lawyers Association Public Law Journal

In light of California’s housing shortage and high housing costs, public employees and candidates struggle to find affordable housing options. In turn, public agencies may be considering measures to help employees find viable housing options near the workplace, and may even consider investing in...

December 19, 2023
New Employer Obligations for Temporary Employees Under Assembly Bill 1484

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