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JD, The George Washington University Law School

BA, University of Virginia

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After graduating from college, Millicent worked for her alma mater’s digital history project conducting archival research and coding manuscripts for machine-processing and online publication. One of her most interesting discoveries was the origins of a contemporary university tradition full of student riots and rebellions in the 1800s that became so severe that the board of trustees instituted a strict code of conduct and banned speech about religion and politics.

Non-Profit Organization v. Former Volunteer (2023) – Won both temporary and permanent workplace violence restraining orders against a former volunteer to protect several of the non-profit’s staff and leadership from the former volunteer’s threatening verbal, written, and physical acts.

Community College District v. Former Employee (2023) – Convinced the court to grant a three-year Workplace Violence Restraining Order, preventing a former employee from harassing and threatening three community college district employees. The judge found that although the former employee has a First Amendment right to threaten another with a legal claim, the vulgar and threatening portion of the former employee’s text messages had no legitimate purpose. This Restraining Order prohibits the former employee from contacting, approaching, or interacting with the three employees for three years.

Funding Statutes Providing For Reimbursement To School Districts For Mandate-Claim Amounts Do Not Violate California Constitution.

Under article XIII B, section 6, subdivision (a) of the California Constitution, the State of California must reimburse local governments when it requires them to provide a “new program or higher level of service.” This provision prohibits the state from shifting financial responsibility for...

February 23, 2024
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Garden Grove | Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA)

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