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Daniel Silva v. City of Sanger (2021) – The judge denied a petition for a writ of administrative mandamus to overturn a demotion.

Police Officer v. City (2022) – Upheld a police officer’s termination before a hearing officer.  The officer had used the city’s credit card for personal expenses and then lied about it.

Senior Police Officer v. City (2023) – A hearing officer found that this senior officer was guilty as charged of having a sexual relationship with a 19-year old member of the city’s youth program.  But, the hearing officer decided that the penalty of termination was too harsh and reduced the penalty to a lengthy suspension.  The City petitioned the superior court for a writ to challenge the hearing officer’s decision to lower the penalty.  Sue convinced the court that the police chief’s decision to terminate must stand and that the hearing officer had no right to substitute her discretion for the chief’s.

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