Employment Relations Consortium (ERC)

What is an Employment Relations Consortium (ERC)?
An ERC is a number of local agencies (cities, counties and special districts), or school and community college districts, in a geographic area joining together for the purpose of securing quality employment relations training, consultation and informational services on a very economical basis. Currently, there are more than 800 cities, counties, special districts, school districts, community college districts, universities, private and independents schools, and other agencies involved with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore’s 36 consortiums.

What Kinds of Services are Provided in an ERC?

The three kinds of services covered by consortium membership are:

  1. Training workshops with reference material for all attendees
  2. Monthly newsletters
  3. Complimentary telephone consultation

Workshops are conducted at, or near, one of the member agencies. Attendees receive comprehensive reference material.

ERC members are entitled to complimentary telephone consultation with attorneys in matters relating to employment and labor law questions.

The Trainers
Our workshop leaders are attorneys who are accomplished trainers and experienced in the subjects of their presentations. They are widely recognized for their ability to translate their legal expertise into everyday language and are adept at demonstrating how you can apply important legal principles in on-the-job situations.

Establishing an ERC in Your Area
The annual per member agency fee is dependent upon the number of agencies and the number of workshops scheduled. For complete information on our training services, including establishing a new ERC or joining an existing ERC, contact Cynthia Weldon, Director of Marketing and Training, at 310.981.2000.