Customized Training

Our customized training programs can help improve workplace performance and reduce exposure to liability and costly litigation.

With forty years of conducting employment law and labor relations training, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore regularly customizes our Management Training Programs to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether a half-day workshop for top-level managers and supervisors or a series of full-day workshops for all employees, our expert trainers can create effective workshops on employment law and labor relations topics. We also provide training on a variety of topics in the areas of business, construction and facilities to community college districts, school districts, and private schools.

A Proven Track Record of Success
Founded in 1980, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore has focused its practice exclusively on employment law, labor relations and education law. Since that time, we’ve established a reputation for excellence and dedication to our clients that is unmatched in our field of practice. Our training programs have had positive results for our clients, most of whom return for more training year after year.

Employment Law and Labor Relations Experts
Liebert Cassidy Whitmore has been and remains on the cutting-edge of one of the most dynamically evolving areas of law: employment law and labor relations. Our specialized focus and exceptional background keeps us on top of the new developments in employment law as they emerge. We are committed to providing our clients with the legal services and training programs that are current, relevant and thorough.

The Trainers
Our workshop leaders are attorneys who are accomplished trainers and experienced in the subjects of their presentations. They are widely recognized for their ability to translate their legal expertise into everyday language, and are adept at demonstrating how you can apply important legal principles in on-the-job situations.

Working with You
Your training program begins with an initial consultation. There, we’ll listen to your needs and help you determine the type of training that would be most beneficial to your agency or business. (As a collateral part of this planning process, our attorneys can also perform an audit of your policies and procedures to pinpoint key areas to address for operational and legal improvements.) A training program will then be created, incorporating your policies, procedures, and unique needs with our established training materials.

Carefully-Designed Workbooks
Most of our training programs are accompanied by workbooks designed as an easy-to-use, day-to-day reference manual. They include legal research, management procedures, forms, and checklists to help supervisors and managers implement legal protections and improve job performance.

Our customized training programs can help improve workplace performance and reduce exposure to liability for your agency or business. Because we can draw on our extensive experience and our established library of training services, we can provide high-quality customized training at unusually reasonable prices. Some of our clients have procured our training programs at substantial savings by teaming up with other agencies or businesses in their area.

How to Secure a Customized Training Program
For more information on our customized training programs, contact Anna Sanzone-Ortiz, Customized Training Coordinator, at 310.981.2051 or Cynthia Weldon, Director of Marketing and Training, at 310.981.2000.