First Amendment Issues Related to Public Safety Employment

CATEGORY: Webinars on Demand
PRESENTER: Mark Meyerhoff

In light of current events, including months of civil unrest and growing public scrutiny of police departments, speech and social media postings by public safety employees are being placed under the microscope.  These social changes will undoubtedly result in public safety departments addressing complaints about things an employee posts or says and whether the department can and/or should discipline an employee for such conduct.

Join Mark Meyerhoff for this one-hour webinar on topical First Amendment issues related to public safety employment.  Mark will be providing an overview regarding public safety employees’ First Amendment rights to free speech and political expression, with particular emphasis on whether and how public safety departments can address officers’ social media activities.


  • First Amendment Overview
  • Free Speech
  • Political Speech
  • Regulating Employee Social Media Use
  • Implications of Employee Use
  • Employee Discipline
  • Appropriate Social Media Policy Prohibitions

Who Should Attend?

Law enforcement and fire service Department Heads and Managers, and Human Resources Staff who participate in public safety officer disciplinary determinations.


Please email Jaja Hsu at Jhsu@lcwlegal.com or call 310.981.2091.

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