AB 1407 – Changes Existing Graduation Requirements For Nursing Programs To Require Nursing Students Complete One Hour Of Implicit Bias Training

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DATE: Oct 29, 2021

The Board of Registered Nursing (the Board) is responsible for establishing the requirements to approve a nursing school and nursing program.

Assembly 1407 (AB 1407) expands current law by requiring approved nursing schools and nursing programs to require students complete a one-hour training of implicit bias as a graduation requirement.  The training must consist of direct participation.  The bill prohibits this new graduation requirement from being construed to require a curriculum revision or to affect the licensing or endorsement requirements established by the Nursing Practice Act.

Starting January 1, 2023, the bill requires licensees who are within the first two years of receiving their license to complete a one-hour training of direct participation in implicit bias through a Board approved continuing education provider.

The one-hour training must include the following subject matters to satisfy this requirement:

  • Identification of previous or current unconscious biases and misinformation.
  • Identification of personal, interpersonal, institutional, structural, and cultural barriers to inclusion.
  • Corrective measures to decrease implicit bias at the interpersonal and institutional levels, including ongoing policies and practices for that purpose.
  • Information on the effects, including, but not limited to, ongoing personal effects, of historical and contemporary exclusion and oppression of minority communities.
  • Information about cultural identity across racial or ethnic groups.
  • Information about communicating more effectively across identities, including racial, ethnic, religious, and gender identities.
  • Discussion on power dynamics and organizational decision-making.
  • Discussion on health inequities within the perinatal care field, including information on how implicit bias impacts maternal and infant health outcomes.
  • Perspectives of diverse, local constituency groups and experts on particular racial, identity, cultural, and provider-community relations issues in the community.
  • Information on reproductive justice.

(AB 1407 amends Sections 2786 and 2811.5 of the Business and Professions Code.)

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