Employer Takeaways From High Court Praying Coach Ruling

CATEGORY: Authored Articles
CLIENT TYPE: Nonprofit, Private Education, Public Education, Public Employers, Public Safety
AUTHOR: David Urban
DATE: Jun 29, 2022

LCW Senior Counsel, David Urban, authored an Expert Analysis published by Law360 entitled “Employer Takeaways From High Court Praying Coach Ruling,” which speaks on the Kennedy v. Bremerton School District ruling. In reference to free speech protection under the First Amendment, Dave states that employee speech “on a matter of public concern that is outside official duties has First Amendment protection if the speech survives the applicable balancing test of interests, which courts test on a case-by-case basis.” Many feel that the Kennedy ruling has defined the public agency baseline on which church and state can co-exist. To read the full article, please click the below link. (Law360 subscription required)

Employer Takeaways From High Court Praying Coach Ruling: https://www.law360.com/articles/1506904