3 Takeaways From High Court’s Ruling In LGBTQ Rights Fight

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CLIENT TYPE: Public Employers
AUTHOR: Michael Blacher
DATE: Jul 29, 2021

LCW Partner Michael Blacher weighed in on the Supreme Court’s decision to avoid making any sweeping decisions on LGBTQ bias laws after its recent ruling that Philadelphia violated the religious rights of a foster care agency that refused to place children with same-sex couples. In the June 17 Law360 article “3 Takeaways From High Court’s Ruling In LGBTQ Rights Fight” Michael noted that the high court’s ruling “recognized that Philadelphia intended to discriminate based on religion” though it left the Employment Division v. Smith precedent intact. He added, “That’s particularly significant in a case that had largely been framed as weighing the interests of anti-discrimination against religious liberty. The court reframed the issue as one solely addressing intolerance of religious beliefs and practices. That focus should resonate with courts around the country.”

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