KFI News Segment with Scott Tiedemann

CATEGORY: Authored Articles
CLIENT TYPE: Public Safety
DATE: Mar 21, 2021

LCW Managing Partner Scott Tiedemann recently discussed details of the high-profile Kelly Thomas case with KFI News reporter Corbin Carson. As attorney for the City of Fullerton, Scott said it has taken nine years of lawsuits and appeals to uphold the lawsuit of the two police officers involved in the beating and subsequent death of Thomas. “It’s really hard in the moment when there are protests—hundreds … thousands of people protesting saying ‘The officers need to be fired,’” said Scott. “If you cave into that pressure and you don’t do things right on the front end, you can find yourself years later having your decisions overturned.” Scott explained that mistakes can cost millions in back pay and rob the public of the justice they are demanding, and he shared that the police officers involved in this case recently abandoned their lawsuits to retain their positions in law enforcement.