Supporting Candidates and Propositions on California’s November 2020 Ballot – Tips for California Community College District Employees

CATEGORY: Authored Articles
CLIENT TYPE: Public Education
PUBLICATION: Community College League of California
DATE: Sep 18, 2020

Districts and employees cannot use district funds and resources to support or oppose any candidate or ballot measure. This means:

  • Employees may not use district resources, facilities, equipment, or supplies to campaign for or against a candidate or ballot measure.  This is true, even if a district recoups the cost.
  • Employees may not mail campaign material from a district mailroom.
  • Employees may not use internal district mailboxes to distribute campaign materials expressing viewpoints for or against a candidate or ballot measure.
  • Employees may not use district phones, computers, laptops, or e-mail systems to distribute campaign materials that express viewpoints for or against candidates or ballot measures (even if working from home).
  • Employees may not campaign for or against a candidate or ballot measure during work hours.
  • Employees may not post campaign posters, signs, or materials in the classroom setting (in-person or online) or on a class website.
  • Employees may not use student assignments or class projects to support or oppose a campaign.

Employees may do all of the following:

  • Volunteer to work for or against a candidate or ballot measure while off campus and outside of work hours.
  • Wear campaign buttons, T-shirts, hats, etc., that present viewpoints on particular candidates and ballot measures during non-instructional time (in-person or online).
  • Encourage others to vote, as long as they do not encourage a vote in any particular way, either for or against a candidate or ballot measure.
  • Use student assignments to encourage get out the vote efforts, so long as they are neutral on particular candidates, issues, and ballot measures.

The above was authored for the Community College League of California.