The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Daily Journal, OC Register and More Turn to Partner Geoffrey Sheldon For Insight On California Supreme Court Ruling in “Brady List” Case

CATEGORY: Authored Articles
CLIENT TYPE: Public Employers, Public Safety
PUBLICATION: The Associated Press
DATE: Sep 10, 2019

As published in The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Daily Journal, OC Register and more, in a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court held that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) could share with prosecutors the names of deputies on its “Brady list” in particular cases without seeking a court order after a Pitchess motion. In particular, Court held that the LASD would not violate Pitchess “by sharing with prosecutors the fact that an officer, who is a potential witness in a pending criminal prosecution, may have relevant exonerating or impeaching material in that officer’s confidential personnel file.” In so holding, the Court decided a novel question of constitutional and statutory law.

In his interview with Los Angeles Times and The Associated Press, Partner Geoffrey Sheldon, who argued the case in the California Supreme Court on behalf of the prevailing party County of Los Angeles, noted that “The importance of a fair trial to a criminal defendant is paramount to our justice system, and this decision reinforces that.”

Sheldon also noted in his interview with the OC Register that the ruling “offers clarity that is much needed. When the Court of Appeal said ‘no Brady alerts at all,’ there was confusion, and this decision just restores the status quo.”

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