Donna Williamson

Donna Williamson Partner

Donna Williamson has worked extensively in all facets of education, employment and labor law on behalf of educational institutions and local public agencies including cities, counties, special districts, school and community college districts. Her areas of expertise include labor relations, labor negotiations, contract administration, employment discrimination, harassment, employee discipline, investigations and student rights. Donna has also provided clients with general legal advice and training on many education, employment, and labor-related topics.

As chief labor negotiator, Donna has successfully negotiated hundreds of labor contracts throughout the years. She is experienced in traditional as well as interest based bargaining, mediation and PERB proceedings. Donna has represented clients in matters involving union grievances, arbitrations, unfair labor practices, strikes, unilateral implementation and other labor issues.

With first-hand experience in working for and representing independent schools, public schools, and community college districts, Donna possesses a unique and well-rounded perspective on education issues and the needs of schools and community college districts. As former Director of Labor Relations/Labor Counsel at Sweetwater Union High School District, Donna directed the labor programs of the largest secondary school district in California, serving as chief negotiator representing the Board of Trustees with six employee associations. She has also served as the Assistant Head of School at Midland School, an independent boarding school, in Los Olivos, California, and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Santa Ynez Valley Family School in Los Olivos. Donna also co-authors the firm's monthly newsletter, Private Education Matters.


San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District - Teachers and Classified Units.

Franklin-McKinley Unified School District - Teachers and Classified Units.

San Jose Evergreen Valley Unified School District - Faculty Unit.

Chabot Los Positas Community College District - Classified Unit.

City of Daly City - Police, Fire, Safety Management and General Units.

State Bar Association of California - Attorney and Non-Attorney Units.

City of Seaside - Police, Fire, Safety Management and General Units.

The Accelerated School - Negotiated their first contract with both the Teachers and Classified Units.

Jul 12, 2017

Preparing for Factfinding

We are excited to continue our video series – Tips from the Table. In these monthly videos, members of LCW’s Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining practice group will provide various tips that can be implemented at your bargaining tables. We hope that you will find these clips informative and helpful in your negotiations. 

Nov 4, 2015

Pros and Cons of Coalition Bargaining

We are proud to continue our video series – Tips from the Table.

2 August 2017
13 May 2017
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